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Badugi Poker: Rules and Features

This is a Korean variant of poker where skill and intelligence take center stage. Badugi Poker provides players with a unique opportunity to experience the excitement and tension of classic poker while adding its own features and rules.

The word “Badugi” translates to “spotted dog.” The most advantageous cards in the final hand are of different ranks and suits. This is what gives the combination its “spotted” nature.

“Badugi” combines two poker variations:

1. Raz, where the hand with the lowest rank is the winner.
2. Lowball 2-7, where players have the opportunity to exchange cards in any betting round.

Rules of Badugi Poker

The objective of the game is to create a successful combination of four cards. The most advantageous combination consists of cards of different, preferably lower, ranks and suits.

At the beginning of the round, players place bets – small and big blinds. Afterward, each player is dealt four cards, and combinations are formed face-down. The first betting round starts with the player to the left of the button. After this, players have the option to exchange 1–4 of their cards.

Following the second and third betting rounds, there is also an exchange of cards. In the final betting round, a showdown occurs, where players reveal their cards.


The lowest card is the Ace. Therefore, the most advantageous combination includes different A-2-3-4 cards of various suits. Straights are not considered in Badugi Poker.

Badugi Poker: Rules and Features

Combinations in Badugi are ranked by the number of cards that make up the final hand: a combination of four cards is called “Badugi” – the strongest possible hand. Next is the three-card combination, followed by the two-card combination, and finally, a one-card combination is the weakest.

If equally strong combinations are encountered during a showdown, the player with the lowest-ranking card wins. For example, a combination of 8-5-3-2 is weaker than 7-6-4-2. In cases where the highest cards are the same, the second-highest cards are compared, and so on. The weakest Badugi is K-Q-J-A.

Strategy in Badugi

Considering that cards remain concealed throughout all betting rounds, positional advantage plays a significant role in this poker variation. A player who acts last has more information about the hands of their opponents.

In Badugi, you should pay attention to the number of card exchanges made by players. If a player hasn’t exchanged any cards, they might have a strong hand. It’s important to consider the possible low combinations of your opponents and accurately calculate your chances of winning.

Differences from Other Poker Variations

Compared to mainstream variations like Texas Hold’em and Omaha, Badugi differs in the absence of familiar combinations. Additionally, in this poker variant, there is no community board. Throughout the entire game, players do not know each other’s cards, and the rounds are completely closed with no shared cards.

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In contrast to many other variations, the strongest cards in Badugi are those with lower denominations. Additionally, the ace is considered the weakest card. This significantly changes the strategy compared to other forms of poker, where the goal is to make high-value combinations.

Players have the opportunity to exchange one or more of their cards up to three times in order to create the most favorable combination.

Betting and Limits

Betting in Badugi is similar to other forms of poker. The game starts with the placement of blinds – a small blind and a big blind – which must be posted by players to the left of the dealer before the start of the deal. Then, there are card exchanges and several rounds of betting.

Depending on the chosen table or the rules of the poker room, Badugi can be:

1. Limit: In this case, the size and number of raises are limited. Pre-draw and the first betting round take place at the small blind level, while subsequent rounds are played at the big blind level.

2. Pot-Limit: In this variant, you can raise by an amount not exceeding the current pot’s size. For example, if the pot is $50 and the previous player’s bet is $12, you can raise an additional $86. You would need to match the $12 bet first and then raise $74, making the total bet equal to the pot’s value.

On the “Pokerdom” website, you can find tables with various stake limits, allowing you to choose a game that matches your bankroll and experience. The platform also offers a variety of tournaments where you can compete for prizes and improve your skills.

How to Download the “Pokerdom” App

You can play Badugi on the “Pokerdom” platform using applications for Android, MacOS, and Windows. To start playing, you need to download and install the appropriate application for your device. To do this, visit the official “Pokerdom” website, go to the “Poker” section, and follow the installation instructions.

Getting Started with Badugi Poker

For newcomers who want to try this new variation of poker, it’s essential to begin by learning the rules and basic strategy of the game. Carefully study the differences from other types of poker and the characteristics of combinations. After that, choose a poker room and create an account. To register on “Pokerdom,” you need to:

1. Visit the casino’s website.
2. Register an account, providing your email or phone number, selecting your account currency, and creating a password.
3. Enter a promo code if you have one.
4. Complete the registration and confirm your email/phone number.

It’s recommended to start by playing at computer-controlled tables with low limits to become familiar with the game and gain experience. Don’t forget to observe the moves of experienced players and analyze your own mistakes.

Poker Training for Beginners and Pros

For those who want to seriously improve their Badugi poker skills, there are numerous resources for learning. Books, online courses, and video tutorials by experienced players can help you understand strategies, study probabilities, and learn game tactics.

Some poker websites, including “Pokerdom,” offer training opportunities for players of various levels. To succeed in poker, it’s crucial to continually develop and enhance your skills.