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Reverse Texas Hold’em: Features and Rules of the Game

As the name suggests, reverse Hold’em is Texas Hold’em played in reverse. In this variant, the ranking of hands, betting structure, and sequence of betting rounds remain the same. The only difference lies in how the cards are dealt on the table.

Rules of the Game

The rules of reverse poker are similar to classic Texas Hold’em. However, after the completion of the first betting round, known as the pre-flop, only one card is dealt onto the table, known as the flop. After the next round of betting, another card, called the turn, is added to the table.

During the final stage of the game, three community cards known as the river are revealed on the table. The gameplay then follows the standard pattern, including a round of betting and the final showdown to determine the winner based on hand rankings.

Hand Rankings

The hand ranking rules in reverse poker are similar to those in classic Texas Hold’em. Standard poker hand combinations apply in this variant.

Poker hand rankings

Strategy for Reverse Texas Hold’em

Unlike the usual dynamics of Hold’em where cards are revealed one by one on the flop, turn, and river, in this case, players only see one card on the flop and turn, and a total of three on the river.

This format implies a higher degree of mathematical calculation and strategic planning. Players find it more challenging to predict which combinations may form until the last three cards are revealed.

Since most cards become visible only towards the end of the game, it requires players to make informed decisions during betting. For poker novices, this process might be more intuitive, but experienced players accustomed to standard Hold’em must adapt their strategies.

Differences from Other Poker Variants

The only difference between this variant and Texas Hold’em is the way cards are revealed. In the classic version, after the first round of betting, players see three cards, followed by one on each subsequent round. In Reverse Hold’em, during the initial betting rounds, cards are revealed one at a time. Only during the final stage do three cards appear.

This complicates the calculation of hand probabilities, so many Reverse Hold’em players adopt a cautious betting strategy.

Where to Play Reverse Texas Hold’em Online

The platform ‘Pokerdom’ offers the opportunity to play Reverse Texas Hold’em online in various formats.

With Real Players

This is the most interesting format of the game, where real poker players from around the world participate in the session. To start playing, you need to become a client of ‘Pokerdom‘. This is a Russian poker room that offers a wide variety of poker variations.

Against the Computer

A simpler format of the game is playing against the computer. In this case, bots serve as opponents. To begin playing, you need to download the application or visit the poker room’s website. You can choose the skill level of your opponents before starting the hand.

With a Friend

Another popular format of the game is heads-up. With this format, you can play with a friend. You can choose to play for free or for real money.

Limits and Other Features of the Game

On the ‘Pokerdom’ platform, there are various betting limits for Reverse Texas Hold’em, allowing you to choose the most suitable option based on your skill level.

In this version of poker, betting follows the common rules. Players can make bets, raise, call, or fold their cards depending on their hand and the combinations on the table.

How to Download the ‘Pokerdom’ App

To start playing Reverse Texas Hold’em on the ‘Pokerdom’ platform, you need to visit the website. Users can choose between playing online in their browser or using the application.

Downloading the software for your device is very straightforward:

  1. Visit the official website and switch to the ‘Poker‘ tab.
  2. Choose the appropriate version, download the file, and install the application on your device.
  3. Register an account or log in with your existing username and password.

How to Get Started for Beginners

Let’s go through the steps for beginners on how to start playing Reverse Texas Hold’em using ‘Pokerdom’ as an example:

  1. Complete the registration by filling out a short form on the poker room’s website.
  2. Fund your account. You can top up your account using a bank card, e-wallet, or cryptocurrency.
  3. Choose the game format. ‘Pokerdom’ offers cash games and tournaments.
  4. Start playing by buying in and taking a seat at the table. For tournaments, you need to wait for the tournament to start.

Poker Learning

The ‘Pokerdom’ platform provides guides and video tutorials to help beginners learn the basics of Reverse Texas Hold’em.

For experienced players, we recommend accessing paid educational programs and taking advantage of individual sessions with professional coaches.

For players of any skill level, books, informational articles, and video on demand (VoDs) can be valuable resources.